Wanga, the third album by Throes + The Shine, took them to more than a dozen countries, with numerous performances between festivals and clubs. Although they are already in preparation for what will be their fourth album, the trio lined up a group of eleven producers and bands from the four corners of the world, with the aim of giving new life to each of the songs included in Wanga. The final result is a cocktail of cultures, sounds and experiences that, despite all their differences, have a common denominator: embracing the world as a melting pot where we can all create and learn. Where we can all celebrate.

Remixes by: Dan Solo, Weird Together, Kking Kong, Octa Push, Wildkatz!, DarkSunn, DJ N.K., Salon Acapulco, Marginal Men, Sotomayor and Xinobi.

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"“Ride My Pussy (Wagon)” is the second track from Da Chick’s latest EP “Call Me Foxy”, made in collaboration with french producer Saintard and released by Discotexas in June 2017. 
It’s the most provocative song of the EP, and probably from all of Da Chick’s repertoire, and got a video treatment as bold as we could expect from her. 
“Wagon” between parentheses might fool you. It’s all about her car, her beloved Pussy Wagon. 
To give life to the song’s dreamy mood, Da Chick called in David Tutti dos Reis to direct its video. “My Pussy, the Icon” – the car is where the action is, be it inside, outside or in its mere presence. It’s a classic car, but not an original, with a soft texture in the hood and decibels on the rims. Da Chick takes the wheel of this muscle Pussy and leads the way.

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‘Shapes On Shapes’ is the much anticipated debut album from LA based duo Wild & Free. Released this November on Portugal’s Discotexas, ‘Shapes On Shapes’ sees Drew Kramer and George Cochrane deliver on the promise of their early releases with 11 tracks of languorous poolside disco, tropical pop and Balearic house.

Both multi-instrumentalists, singers and producers in their own right, the pair came together in 2015 and have spent the past 2 years crafting a series of acclaimed EPs and remixes (for the likes of Panama, Gigamesh, RAC and Ben Browning of Cut/Copy) that saw them tipped by the likes of Spin, XLR8R, Indie Shuffle and many more and take their live show on the road playing alongside the likes of Brooklyn’s Body Language.

From the album’s opener, and title track, an intoxicating haze of ambient synths, dreamlike vocal samples and reverb drenched guitar licks, its clear Drew and George have stretched themselves to fully embrace the possibilities of the album format. It's also obvious that the band have named themselves well, as throughout the record there’s a looseness and sense of spontaneity that few studio based acts can pull off.

Whether it’s the sun kissed pop of ‘River of Nilé’ and ‘Moment’, the exotic heady disco of ‘Tropique’ and ‘Ferns and Stuff’ or the dub inflected ‘Hiding Behind the Sun’, ‘Shapes On Shapes’ is one of the most joyous, life affirming albums you’ll hear this year.

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Los Angeles based production duo Wild & Free release their debut album "Shapes On Shapes" 17th November 2017 on Discotexas.

Jump on their Soundcloud page and grab for free their cover version of Sade's "Paradise" and listen to some dope tracks and remixes:

On November 3rd there will be a new single called "Ferns & Stuff" and latter remixes for Joe Goddard, Moullinex and more. On their bio Wild & Free write that "George Cochrane and Drew Kramer team up to make life better for all" and that's what's all about. Watch this space!

AuthorVasco Cabeçadas Dias